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We're the proud residents of a kick-ass room in Trinity's Hamilton building, in which we have a big HD TV hooked up to games consoles, 4 high-specced PCs ready to play the latest games as well as comfy couches and chairs to relax in.

Our room has a well-stocked library with books on mathematics, games development, hardware and general Computer Science.

A copy of our Room Policy can be found here.

A copy of our Constitution can be found here.



We'll place a big emphasis on fun programming competitions and hackathons throughout the year where you'll be able to earn some fantastic prizes.

We run a huge number of workshops and tutorials during the year. Everything from learning to code for the first time to building an awesome web application or game.



We run weekly events, which can range from talks, workshops and tutorials to gaming competitions, quizzes and regular nights out. The highlights of the calendar are the (in)famous Computer Science Christmas Party and AGM party.

This year we've got some great talks lined up about various technologies as well as speakers from some of the major players in tech!