DUCSS Hackathon sponsored by PageFair

Printing House, Trinity College Dublin
2 Apr 2016 10:00

Get ready for our biggest and best event of this year, the DUCSS Hackathon sponsored by PageFair! Join us all day on Saturday the 2nd of April in the Printing House on campus to compete in the hackathon for the chance to win insane prizes and enjoy some tasty refreshments.

Our theme this year is "Create a Browser Extension"! Extensions can be simple to make and the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them. Don't fear if you haven't a notion where to begin with making one, we'll be holding a short tutorial at the start of the day to get you up to speed and PageFair will be bringing along their devs to help mentor the teams.

With more than €500 worth of prizes to win this is not an event to miss! There'll be prizes for winners of the main event and spot prizes throughout the day. We'll also have pizzas, drinks and snacks to keep you energized

To enter you need to be register a team of either 3 or 4 people or if you'd prefer you can choose to randomly be assigned a team on the day. Sign up your team here ‪

There is to be no coding on your submission prior to the hackathon and every team owns their own code.

We'll release a schedule of the day soon alongside a breakdown of the prizes. For now get thinking up of some browser extensions and see you on the 2nd of April!