League of Legends Valentines 2v2 Couples Tournament

DUCSS Room,Trinity College Dublin
7 Feb 2017 12:00
SIGNUP: Join sides with your loved ones and SO's (or your best m8) cos its time to prove why you're the best couple in college. What better way to do this than marching down lane side by side and facing off against other couples also vying for that top spot. Choose your best champions and use your synergy together to take it all and to the winner goes the spoils and with that there is a romantic dinner for two. Rules: Location - Bot Lane, Summoners Rift Bans - 3 per couple Pick - Blind pick Format - BO3 matches until finals which will be BO5 Win - 2 kills (combined), 100 cs (combined) or first turret Allowed - To roam anywhere Prohibited - To kill neutral camps or farm other lanes Banned item - Relic shield