Annual Charity FIFA Tournament

14 Nov 2016 20:00
Get ready for DUCSS' Annual Charity FIFA Tournament! With €100 of prizes to be won and supporting charity, it's a great time to defend your bragging rights! Entry is €2 and all money is going directly to the EMS Day Fund. SIGNUP HERE: You can sign up either in the DUCSS Room with any of our committee (leave your name, email address & entry fee) or via our entry form - Matches will be starting next week, with brackets being released this weekend! Tournament: - Matches are straight knockout. - Matches will be played on PS4. - The game is FIFA 17. - All matches, bar the final, will be played in the DUCSS Room in the Hamilton (message us on Facebook if you don't know where we are!) - You will receive an email with your opponetns details & a day to play your match. You must contact eachother and arrange a time that suits you to play. Rules: - Players must contact their opponent to organise their match. - Players cannot pick the same team. - Players cannot play International vs Club. - Each player may ban a team from being picked before picking begins. Once a team is banned, it cannot be played by either player in that match. - If a player misses their match without valid reason, they will be disqualified.