DUCSS Chicken chase pub crawl

The Pav, Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
14 Dec 2016 19:00
DUCSS are here to bring you the one and only Chicken chase pub crawl! 🐔 What is it a chicken chase pub crawl? How is it different from other pub crawls? Will there be chicken provided? Simply put, there is a chicken costume which one lucky individual (to be chosen raffle style) wears to become said chicken. There is a €1 entry fee, which is put in a "bucket". The chicken is the given a head start to go and hide in any pub out of a list of pubs below. In groups of 2, you try to find the chicken. Whilst on your hunt, the chicken will begin to drink out of the "bucket" ( i.e use the money ) after a set amount time passes e.g every 4 mins. If you find the chicken you too get to drink from the "bucket". So the chicken festivities will be commencing at 7pm in the Pav, groups of 2 at €1 entry per person. Pub list: -The Pav - The Long Stone - Doyles - Gingerman - Porterhouse (Nassau Street) - Blarney Inn - Dingle Whisky Bar - Lombard - Kennedy's - The Lincoln's Inn